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        Scholars will be invited from China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to promote research and educational cooperative efforts between ASU's Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering and a variety of prominent institutes in Pacific Rim countries. Two complementary levels of scholars will be invited: "Senior Scholars" and "Young Scholars".

        The major component of this program is to provide seed funding to invite a variety of scholars to ASU to conduct a variety of intellectual and research activities.   In addition to performing research, such activities will include conducting seminars, workshops, lectures, and working on interdisciplinary research proposals and project development.

        Senior Scholars will include: a) internationally recognized research scholars, b) national center directors or university leaders, c) prominent industrial leaders who are executives of major companies, and d) government leaders who are making educational or research policies. These scholars will be invited to stay for a few days/weeks. Each will present a seminar or speech in a workshop, which will be open to the public and local industry. At these seminars, the Senior Scholars will convey their perspectives on international cooperation, providing specific suggestions as to how cooperation can be developed between their organizations and ASU.

        Young Scholars are those individuals who have limited research experience and will be invited to stay for six to twelve months to participate in a specific research project sponsored by one of the senior faculty members at ASU. The Young Scholars will come here to get first-hand experience of our research activities as well as to exchange expertise. The candidates should be at the level of senior graduate students or assistant professors with an MS degree.  Ideally, after completing their program of study, Young Scholars should return to their original organization; although, if they find financial support from an ASU faulty member, they can stay to complete their degree program.

        The Young Scholars are key to sustaining relations with the higher learning institutes of the Far East.  In order to sustain a relationship, we need a champion to maintain it.  It is our hope that the young researcher can develop a personal relationship with an ASU faculty member.  It is expected that the Young Scholars will soon become leaders in their own organizations, and as such, will be able to continue the relationship for years to come.  It is not the intent of this program to increase the chances of a Young Scholar to stay in the US after the program.  Although we have no control over whether they will go back to their original organizations, we should make this expectation clear to the candidates.  In fact, this should be one of the major criteria for selecting the Young Scholars.

Ampere Tseng , Chair Daniel E. Rivera
Allan Chasey Dan Shunk
Jiping He Jennie Si
Mark Henderson Stephen S. Yau
Chen-Yuan Kuo Yong H. Zhang
Buck Pei Han Zhu


        If there are any further questions or suggestions, please send them to the Program Director, Ampere A. Tseng e-mail:, Voice: (480) 965-8201; Fax: (480) 965-1384.

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