January 11, 1999

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA
John W. Schwada Building, Room 201 (JWS/COB 201)

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        The  NSF USA-China Workshop on Advanced Machine Tool Research at ASU is sponsored by the US National Science Foundation and the ASU/Pacific Technology Forum.  This one-day workshop will immediately follow the first portion of the workshop held at the University of Southern California, from January 9th to the 10th.

        The workshop at ASU will include technical presentations as well as an industrial plant tour. Speakers from industry and academia will be invited to deliver colloquia on the future trends in equipment manufacturing as well as the cutting edge technology in equipment development.

        In the afternoon, an industrial plant tour will be arranged for the attendees in accordance with their interests, directly following the colloquium.  Attendees may have the option of attending one of the three following plant tour:

  1. AlliedSignal - China Training Center,
  2. Intel - Assembly, Packaging, and Testing of Semiconductor Facilities, and
  3. ASML - Clean Room and Advanced Lithography Facilities.

                Please feel free to contact any of the ASU faculty members, since one of the objectives of this workshop is to promote the cooperative research between China delegates and ASU faculty. You may find necessary information from ASU's website.


       If there are any further questions or suggestions, please send them to the Program Coordinator, Professor Ampere A. Tseng, e-mail: ampere.tseng@asu.edu, Voice: (480) 965-8201; Fax: (480) 965-1384.

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