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Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona 85287-6106 USA

        The Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at ASU must broaden its international activities to meet the needs of industry and society for the 21St century as nations become increasingly interdependent and industry becomes more globalized. The School, in its endeavor to fulfill these growing expectations, recognizes that the Pacific Rim, especially China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, constitute the most dynamic economic region of the world. These Pacific Rim countries are particularly important to ASU as major trading partners of Arizona and major suppliers of students to our educational programs.

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        The mission of the ASU/Pacific Technology Forum is to promote industrial and educational cooperation among ASU, industry, and organizations in the Pacific Rim countries. Specifically, this program seeks to:

  1. Establish enduring relationships for collaboration in areas of mutual interest;
  2. Encourage the exchange of knowledge through the development of seminars and workshops with university and/or industrial leaders from the Pacific Rim countries; and
  3. Host industrial-oriented international symposia or conferences for academic researchers to deliberate with industrialists and government representatives over opportunities in emerging technologies and markets.
This program redefines the conventions of collaboration by including domestic and foreign industrial partners. Most importantly, through exploration and exposure to the international environment, ASU faculty, students and the Arizona industry will gain a better understanding of the technological and cultural differences between these two regions and will be better prepared for the challenges induced by internationalization.

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        The ASU/Pacific Technology Forum will join organizations in the Pacific Rim countries in co-hosting workshops and conferences to promote the importance of global partnerships in industry and academia and to discuss the specific issues related to the future globalization of industry and academia. Recently, the Forum has co-hosted two workshops: NSF 1999 USA-China Workshop on Advanced Machine Tool Research and NSF 2000 Workshop on Manufacturing of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems. The research roadmaps for future research collaboration in the specific areas have been one of the outcomes of these two workshops.

       The Forum will also invite prominent academic or industrial leaders from the Pacific Rim countries to ASU to conduct a variety of intellectual activities including seminars, lectures, and industrially oriented projects. These activities are designed to create lasting relationships, international visibility, persistent momentum, and foresighted leadership toward building credible collaborations. Once credibility has been established, the needed infrastructure can be built to expand the program to other important areas, such as industrial collaboration, student exchange internship, and joint research and curriculum development.

        The prominent Forum leaders invited will be those individuals who have long-term academic- or industrial-related experience and significant influence within their own countries. Forum leaders may include: 1) Internationally recognized research scholars or university executives, 2) Prominent executives of major high-tech companies, and 3) Government leaders who are making educational or industrial policies. Each forum leader will present a lecture in a seminar or workshop, which will be open to ASU students, faculty and representatives from local industry. Initially, two leaders each year from the Pacific Rim countries will be invited. At these seminars or lectures, the speakers will present their perspectives on international cooperation, providing specific suggestions as to how cooperation can be developed between their organizations and ASU as well as the sponsored companies. These visits may also be used as the vehicle for preparation of joint collaboration. If a workshop is held, domestic speakers may also be invited to provide a broad view on the selected subject of the workshop.

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        A senior ASU faculty member will coordinate the ASU/Pacific Technology Forum. The Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering will provide the infrastructure for hosting the seminar, workshop, symposium or conference as well as the invitees and participants for them to interact with a wide range of local industry, government, faculty, and students. In this way, the sponsoring companies will have the opportunity to discuss subjects of mutual interest with the Forum invitees and participants.

        Industry would benefit from participating in the Technology Forum in a variety of ways. An annual membership fee of only $5K would allow the participating company to have:

  1. Membership on the Forum Advisory Committee
  2. Opportunities to consult with prominent researchers, entrepreneurs, and government officials of the Pacific Rim countries and ASU in specific issues in technology and business
  3. Opportunities to recruit ASU graduates with educational experiences in international issues
  4. Nomination privileges of Forum leaders or speakers
  5. Recommendation privileges on the themes of the international symposia or workshops.
  6. Sponsorship mentioned in the Forum seminars, workshops, symposia or conferences
  7. Sponsorship acknowledged in the Forum announcements and publications
  8. Sponsorship name on all Forum activities
  9. Participation in all phases of the Forum development

        Any questions or suggestions should be sent to the Forum Coordinator: Professor Ampere A. Tseng, e-mail:, Voice: (480) 965-8201; Fax: (480) 965-1384.

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